Manga Translation Commissions

Sareru is busy graduating

Translation commissions will be closed until early summer!

I am busy working on my bachelor's thesis! Follow me on Twitter to get notified when I'm opening translation commissions again later this year!

Due to popular demand on your side and acute brokeness on my side I'm now opening Japanese manga translation commissions!

I'll translate any and every Japanese comic/manga EXCEPT horror and weird body modification porn, that stuff gives me nightmares.

Here are some sample translations:

General conditions:

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Please use this calculator to estimate the pricing.

(Number of comic pages excludes number of pages with author's comment/afterword!)

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The calculated price above is only an estimate, and the time it'll take me to complete your project also depends on my schedule, so please contact me by filling out the form below to get a final offer.

Please have a link to the pages you want translated ready, as I will need to look them over for price and time calculations.
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(If you haven't received a response after 3 days, please send me an email at or contact me on Twitter or Facebook!)

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